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PAKISTAN + THAILAND FLOODS Dashboard →on Google-Earth and Google-Maps
The UNIGEO Inititiative for Pakistan and Thailand provides extranet access to LIVPOD,
a cloud computing service designed for sharing live notes, on the ground,
between the Emergency Relief teams and their different partners,
using mobile devices (smartphones / pads / laptops).
It gives them an easy way to upload their practical "breaking news" onto a common data server
and - in return - get specific details and/or global views on the situation, all around,
in terms of immediate needs, food availability, refugees camps management, logistics, etc..
Small web-maps for mobile-use are automatically created through google-maps (or other) API.

If you want to contribute and use LIVPOD meeting Please send us an e-mail >>•
The UNIGEO initiative is open to any kind of participation, as soon as it can help the community.

Nov 5th, 2011
Crisis Response Documents list in the interactive Dashboard 1:
(all the following layers can been viewed in a unified environment)
* THAI FLOODS MONITORING : Overview of Flood Waters 01 Nov 2011
* [Thailand] Nasa survey of Flood Waters 11 Oct 2011
* Schools damaged or used for shelter 5th October (UNOCHA & MapAction Maps)
* Flood in affected districts Sept 14 overview (Dartmouth Flood Observatory /  ICIMOD/USGS/UNITAR/SAFER/UNSPIDER/JAXA/SUPARCO)
* Flood Losses Sept 20 overview (UN-OCHA / NDMA / PDMA / UNITAR-UNOSAT)
* Flood affected districts 6 Sept situation (UN-OCHA)
* Affected districts Losses 6 Sept situation (UNOCHA & MapAction Maps)
* Peshawar and Charsadda Damage Assessment (WFP maps)
* Shahdadkot and Mehar Floods 30 Aug (ICIMOD / supported by USAID)
* Road Conditions North 13 Aug (OCHA)
* Red Cross + Pakistan Red Crescent 29 Aug (ICRC & Pakistan Red Crescent Society Response)
* Situation in Hyderabad Aug 29th (EarthObservatory NASA)
* Charsadda and Nowshera districts Monitoring (UNHABITAT)
* Pakistan affected districts 2010 Aug 16 (USG / USAID / UNOSAT / OCHA)
* Flooding General overview Aug 11 (
* Floods in Charsadda District Aug 02 (ITHACA / WFP)
* Situation in Kheshgi area 2010-08-04 (Nasa)
Version 4.9 "Bangkok" provides a customized interface to handle the selected layers